Google Bard Vs. ChatGPT: Which Generative AI Chatbot Does it Better?

Google’s highly anticipated AI chatbot, called Google Bard has been released across 180 countries, without the need for a waiting list. All you need to do is to visit, sign up, and accept the terms and conditions to start prompting. It’s important to note that Google acknowledges Bard is still an experimental model and may occasionally provide incorrect answers or hallucinate. However, in our current assessment, we have tried both Google Bard and ChatGPT to determine which one is better.

Here are five key differences we have found between Google Bard and ChatGPT:

1. Natural Languages Support: ChatGPT supports more than fifty spoken and natural languages, on the other hand, Google Bard supports only three. When we attempted a prompt to generate a Hindi poem on both platforms, ChatGPT successfully generated a Hindi poem. However, Google Bard was unable to do so. The reason behind this discrepancy is that as of now, Google Bard is limited to generating content in three languages: US English, Japanese, and Korean. Therefore, it lacks the capability to generate poems in Hindi or other languages beyond the three mentioned.

2. Real-Time Information Access: Google can provide real-time information as compared to ChatGPT. This is primarily because Google Bard is trained on the Infiniset data source whereas ChatGPT is on a pre-defined set of data, which is updated till 2021. Google Bard’s Infiniset data source has real-time internet access and is updated accordingly.

3. Pricing: Currently, Google Bard is offered as a free service. On the other hand, ChatGPT provides users with both free and paid versions, each offering distinct features and privileges. ChatGPT will provide faster response in lesser time, better access even in peak time, priority access to the newly added features to it, and unlimited requests per day with paid access.

4. Internet Access: Google Bard has internet access as compared to ChatGPT. It can generate content based on real-time updates and information made available on the internet. As ChatGPT has no internet data access in real-time, it won’t be able to provide real-time information. The same has been reflected in our prompts when we asked to provide a review of the recently released Bollywood movie to ChatGPT and Google Bard.

5. Voice Interaction, Google Search, and Export Options: Users can interact with Google Bard through voice commands. The ChatGPT has no such option available to give a prompt through voice command. We can’t search the internet from the ChatGPT platform and dialogue box, whereas Google Bard gives the Google search option in its user interface. One can export the Google Bard content to Google Docs or Gmail, whereas ChatGPT has no such option available.

We asked Google Bard to generate a table to compare the Google Bard and ChatGPT and here was the output:

Data sourceInfinisetPre-defined set of data (updated until 2021)
Access to internetYesNo
Up-to-date informationYesNo
Informative and comprehensive answersYesNo
Creative text formatsNoYes

~by Google Bard

ChatGPT has failed to provide a real-time updated output when asked with the same prompt to compare the Google Bard and ChatGPT. This is primarily because it has no internet data access in real-time. It is trained on the dataset which is updated till 2021.

Based on our comparisons, we have concluded that the two AI Chatbot models are very comprehensive. They are trained on very large text-based datasets of billions of parameters. However, when comparing which generative AI Chatbot performs better depends on the context and prompts provided. It is now up to the user’s creativity to make the best use of these Chatbots according to their needs and requirements.

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