Digital Trust – A today’s need

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Digital trust is a measure of the confidence that individuals, businesses, and other organizations have in the security, accuracy, and reliability of digital technologies. It includes the assurance that data, systems, and services are secure, reliable, and accurate and that their usage will not lead to negative consequences.

Why are we dicey in terms of digital trust?  It could be due to many reasons, such as-

1. Data Breach – A data breach occurs when someone gains unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as customer or employee data, stored on a computer or server. When a data breach occurs, digital trust is broken as customers and employees may no longer feel comfortable providing the company with their personal information.

2. Phishing Attack – Phishing attacks involve sending a malicious email or website link to a user to steal their personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers. By sending these malicious emails, attackers are breaking digital trust as users may no longer feel safe providing any information to the company or website.

3. Malware Attack – A malware attack is an attack that involves malicious software, such as viruses, being used to gain access to a computer system. Malware attacks can be used to steal data, damage computers, and gain unauthorized access to systems. When a malware attack occurs, digital trust is broken as users may no longer feel safe using their computers or visiting certain websites.

4. Social Engineering Attack – Social engineering attacks use social engineering techniques such as phishing, baiting, and pretexting to gain access to sensitive information. These attacks are designed to manipulate users into giving up their personal information or allowing attackers to gain.

The need for digital trust in the world of cyber-attacks is becoming increasingly important. In the age of the internet, malicious actors can target individuals, companies, or even entire countries with devastating cyberattacks. As such, trust needs to be established between governments, corporations, and individuals to ensure that digital resources are secure and protected. This digital trust must encompass robust security protocols, encryption, and digital authentication. Additionally, organizations must invest in cybersecurity training and education to ensure that employees are aware of the risks associated with using digital resources. Finally, companies must ensure that they have the right cyber security policies in place to protect their data and digital assets.

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