Analyzing Multiple Databases of 25 Technologies is Now Easy – Explore TechSagar’s Dynamic Platform

India is on the path to create a new digital ecosystem that includes close to a billion people – this scale makes India the world’s fastest growing digital economy. Adoption and advancements in cyber technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), AR/VR, blockchain, cyber security, etc. are key drivers to the growth of the digital economy.

As India aspires to become a $1tn digital economy by 20301, The National Cyber Security Coordinator’s office in partnership with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) launched TechSagar in 2019 – a platform to discover India’s technological capability through a portal. The portal lists business and research entities from the IT industry, startups, academia, and individual researchers.

What is TechSagar?

TechSagar provides a consolidated and comprehensive view of India’s Cybertech capabilities across 25 technologies. The online repository is extremely easy to use to identify and discover Indian entities both large & small enterprises, start-ups, academia, and R&D institutes offering niche cyber capabilities. Since its launch, the ­­­TechSagar repository has expanded, and now features

4800+ Products and Services | 3000+ Niche Capabilities | 2300+ Companies | 40+ R&D Institutes | 25 Emerging Technologies | 25 Research Reports | 7 Whitepapers

Benefits: Why register to TechSagar?

TechSagar provides an aggregated and drill-down view of India’s Cybertech capabilities. It facilitates targeted search on more than 3000 niche capabilities. The repository facilitates numerous opportunities for multiple stakeholders to collaborate, connect and innovate to aid R&D, industry development, and strengthen the preparedness for national security. Registered members of TechSagar get access to detailed, exclusive insights, including-

-Company Details
-Financial & Investment Information
-Product Listing
-Technology Reports
-Instant Updates

TechSagar repository offers many utilities-

  • A comprehensive compilation of India’s cyber capabilities
  • Easy & intuitive retrieval of meaningful & actionable insights
  • A nuanced view of capabilities, R&D, products, services & actors involved
  • User-friendly ways for searching, querying, filtering & analyzing capabilities for different purposes
  • A roadmap to extend reach & carve out success stories
  • A connect with nationwide cyber security entities and professionals on a need basis
  • Ways and solutions to discover new horizons & find new possibilities

Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the TechSagar repository and easily find the required information.

1: Explore

Visit and click on the ‘Browse Technologies’ tab. Select the technology you’re looking for from the ones listed in the dropdown menu to get a view of the capabilities available under the selected technology.

2: Learn and share

Upon selecting a particular capability, you’ll be redirected to the page listing corporates, startups, products, R&D labs, and researchers offering the selected capability. The ‘Share’ feature allows you to share targeted information with ease. To get the latest updates on a particular technology, just navigate to the page and click on the ‘Follow’ button!

3: Intuitive view of capabilities

The capabilities under each cyber technology have two view options. Members can click on the ‘Toggle’ button on top right of the page to get a fascinating tree view to help explore the technology better.

4: Dive deeper into the numbers and identify the impact

Select a capability to get updated information on organizations, latest products and solutions, R&D labs and researchers, and academia working to build the capability. By registering on the TechSagar website, you can access the contact information of key individuals, and gain more insights into geographical distribution and investment data for each technological capability.

5: View reports

TechSagar has published detailed reports on 25 emerging technologies like AI, RPA, blockchain, and more. These reports provide detailed insights on the significance of the technology, govt. initiatives, global and domestic investment update, key trends, and more. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab in the menu bar, to view and download these reports.

6. Download and read whitepapers

TechSagar whitepapers provide up-to-date information on the latest topics and trends and summarize specialist knowledge in a concise manner. Click on the ‘Whitepapers’ tab to view whitepapers on multiple technologies.

7. Blogs for all the latest updates

TechSagar blogs provide readers with the latest insights into the ever-evolving cyber technologies. Registered members can contribute to TechSagar blogs by sharing their relevant and thought-provoking insights with thousands of portal users.

8. Get featured

The ‘Feature Yourself’ option helps corporates, startups, academia, and individual researchers with capabilities in emerging technology to feature themselves on this expansive platform. Featuring yourself on TechSagar provides enhanced recognition, networking, and collaboration opportunities and makes an impact on a global scale. TechSagar provides unparalleled intelligence on India’s technological capabilities on a granular level. Use the platform’s intuitive features to get a comprehensive view of India’s cyber tech capabilities.

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