About Us

Cyber technology capabilities have become central to National strategic outlook. There is a need for a concerted effort in developing critical technology capabilities in the country for India’s geopolitical advantage. Start-ups, enterprises, academia, researchers, and R&D institutes in the country need to synergize their efforts and work in tandem to achieve this national goal.

The office of National Cyber Security Coordinator, in partnership with Data Security Council of India conceptualized ‘National Technology Capability Repository’, and this gave rise to TechSagar. The office of National Cyber Security Coordinator continues to support TechSagar.

TechSagar is a consolidated and comprehensive repository of India’s Cybertech capabilities which provides actionable insights about capabilities of the Indian Industry, Academia & Research across 25 technology areas like IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud & Virtualization, Robotics & Automation, AR/VR, Wireless & Networking, and more. It allows targeted search, granular navigation and drilldown methods using more than 3000 niche capabilities. TechSagar features entities from large & small enterprises, start-ups, academia, R&D centers and even individual researchers, providing a country level view of India’s Cyber competencies.

In addition to entities, TechSagar also provides information about 5000+ products & solutions, and 3500+ services from start-ups and large enterprises. It also provides information on key investments and fund flows in various technology areas and companies, subject to availability in public domain.

TechSagar is a dynamic platform and shall be frequently updated with new entities and information to maintain its relevancy and usefulness. The repository facilitates several opportunities to collaborate, connect and innovate, and also endeavors to provide direction for a strategic cyber roadmap of the country in R&D, industry development, and strengthening the preparedness of National Security.