4 Industries that have been improved by Robotic Automation

Today, Indian businesses are increasingly adopting RPA and other automated services. They are witnessing a significant change in operations after implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems. RPA automates business operations with the help of computer programmes which can replicate human behaviour and functions. RPA speeds up processes such as data collection, information filling, quick calculations, sending e-mail blasts and much more. This emerging technology has been extremely vital in shaping automation industries.

The main objective of RPA is to automate repetitive tasks and finish mundane ones within minutes. Due to this ability, it has contributed considerably to various Indian sectors. Top robotic automation companies report an increased rate of production, higher efficiency, and an increased margin with respect to safety. Robotics and automation companies are increasing in India because of the evolution of this disruptive technology.  

The application of robotics and automation has resulted in the rapid development of automation industries. Here are the 4 industries most impacted by robotic automation;

1) Automotive

The automotive industry uses robotics and automation to increase production rates and deal with labour shortages. There is a quantifiable increase in overall product quality along with an increase in productivity. Companies have successfully saved on labour costs due to this modern technology. Some may argue that robots have resulted in dissolving labourers from work, but job roles are now evolving to learning how to supervise these robots as this technology requires human intervention. The evolution of robots in the automotive sector has helped to increase safety since they significantly reduce the intervention of humans in the actual manufacturing process.

2) Medical

The healthcare sector has benefitted from the emergence of robotics. Especially in the last two years, the healthcare sector has been using robots to perform surgeries. With the advent of robotics in this field, the medical industry has achieved a safe work environment, accuracy in surgery and quicker administration procedures. RPA has proved to work more precisely than humans, resulting in fewer deaths. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need to sanitise surroundings, there are sanitisation robots which automate the process, reducing human workload and assuring thorough sanitisation.

3) Electronic Manufacturing

RPA has big potential in electronic manufacturing, as there is an increased demand for electronics today. Automation has enabled a greater level of precision, quicker product generation and delicate handling. Robots handle micro components of devices more safely and ensure accurate assembly. Accuracy and precision are the biggest challenges while producing devices and the only solution for this is the usage of robotics in the industry. From assembling to packaging, all is seamlessly taken care of by robots.

4) Food Industry

The food industry has evolved majorly with the advent of RPA. The industry is using robots to automate several processes such as managing inventories & records, conducting audits to ensure food safety and it further improves supply chain systems too. Physical robots are used for procedures such as inspection of food, container and label packaging, food production, and more. Particularly in the west, these automation methods are used in top restaurant chains thus improving uniformity, better hygiene and increased efficiency.  

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